Free Estimate and Research Rates

Free Estimate and Initial Consultation
I will do one hour of preliminary research to determine the difficulty level of your project at no charge. This familiarizes me with your family history and lets me see what records are available for your project. This also lets you see what I can do for you. I will let you know up front if it is outside my area of expertise.

Research Rates
My rate is $35 per hour, with a three hour minimum.  That is almost half of what most large genealogy companies charge.  There is a reason for this - I have no overhead – no employees, no leases, it’s just me.  You are paying for my time only.  I won’t nickel and dime you for my mileage or photocopies at any archives I search at.  The only extra charge you may see would be if I have to order a record from a repository (ie., birth/death certificate, military/pension records, etc.)  I will always get your approval beforehand if I need to order something that will cost extra. 

Record Look-Ups  
I charge $12 for the first record, $8 for each additional.  This is for specific records only, without research.

I charge $10/hour.  I will give you my estimate upfront, which will take into consideration the volume of the project (number of pages to transcribe or length of the recording), the difficulty of the handwriting or the quality of the recording. All transcription projects will be as close to original as possible (spelling, grammar, etc.)  Each multi-page project will be bound in a presentation-style booklet.

After the initial consultation, I will provide you with an invoice that will outline what I will do for you, estimate the amount of time until project completion, etc.  For projects ten hours and over, I will require a 50% deposit, with the remaining balance due on completion.  Projects under ten hours will require full payment upfront.

Contact me for your free estimate!