“Tiffany did a great job sleuthing genealogical details about my grandfather. He had changed his name and hid much of his past. Thanks for the great help.” 

“Tiffany has a way of combining the highest professional standards with a warm, personal touch. She went above and beyond when she transcribed my great grandmother's letters. Not only did she deliver a beautifully bound book, she provided historical details about the language and context of the letters. This brought my great grandmother and the times she lived in alive for me and the other members of my family.” 

"The package with the tape, CDs and transcripts arrived a short time ago. Thank you both so much! What a treasure.  I really can't thank you enough." 
(I collaborated with Tamara Gilliland on this project)

“Tiffany has exceptional gifts and talents in research and family history. She has an amazing ability to find information. I call Tiffany for all of my difficult research projects and she has always been able to find the solution and/or information that I was looking for.” 

"Tiffany is thorough in her assignments and has a great work ethic. She has a passion for genealogy and would be eager to help anyone looking for family records." 

"I love it all!! You did a wonderful job on it and gave us so much in such little time. We have been able to go a lot further back since you did your report. Thank you again!!!!"

"I need to thank Tiffany Shapiro for being so awesome and helping me find information on my biological father that I'd been unable to find on my own over the years. I get to finally learn about that other side of my family! You're amazing, Tiffany!"